Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost big enough

So, I am asked often how the kittens are these days, what with not posting for the last month or so. As you can see, they have a very trying life.

What with having to be aggressively cute all the time,
and on a strict diet of feet.

Learning to be a proper cat is not simple. Apollo is trying to learn to groom himself properly.

Hm, he seems to have broken.

They still like the sheltered nook that half of the crate provides, but as often as not they pile up on the floor, the spare bed, or wherever else exhaustion might propel them.

They are almost ready to go back -- Major is over 2 1/2 pounds and even Artemis is almost two. If everyone is over two pounds Thursday night, we will be bringing them back to the shelter Friday.