Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catching up -- May 2008 -- Ursula and family


And then something to eat

and a nap.

These are Petrov

and Ursula.
We hosted them during May and June of 2008. They were healthy, just too small to adopt, so after some growing time we forced ourselves to bring them back to the shelter. Except for Ursula. Ursula was snatched up by my brother and is now called Noodles. You can see more of her on his more or less abandoned cat blog Bob and Noodles ( and on the Sunday Cat update of his food blog called Cooking Stuff ( where he, um, cooks stuff. And takes pictures.

I think poor Michail was the kitten who languished the longest in the adoption room of all of our foster kittens. I think it was almost six days before he got picked up. Kittens just move faster than adult cats -- you would think they were cute or something.

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