Friday, February 13, 2009

A happy ending for Marshall

This is Marshall. Marshall was with us in August of 2008. He had a upper respiratory infection to get over, so he was only with us for a few weeks while he got better.

While he was ill he was a quiet, studious kitten.
You can see here he is studying. I am not sure what topic it was, but it was not proper cat behavior. I think it may have been abnormal psychology, and he thought it was instructions.

As he felt better, Marshall turned out to be a very, very active cat. Like pounce on your head and bite you active. He never calmed down enough to really be a happy house pet, so we were very worried for him and his potential for adoption. And his appetite for camera lanyards.
We ended up placing him with a friend of a friend who had a barn which needed a cat. We have had a couple of updates since then, and apparently he is a very happy barn cat now. Hooray for happy endings!

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lousudds said...

OOoh..I remember that rascally little kitten! He was a terror!! And he was such a lucky little boy to find the best outside-of-the-box-thinkers for foster parents who found a great home for him!!!