Friday, March 13, 2009

Feline Maintenance

Tiny kittens sleep a lot. And they sleep intensively -- you can sometimes pick one up and if you don't let it get too cold it will stay asleep in your hand. Which is very sweet, but hard to take a picture of.

As opposed to passed-out kittens in their bed. That is much easier.

But hark, is that an eye opening on the round-bellied kitten below?
Why, yes it is! The babies are growing quickly. We had the first one try to get out of the bed yesterday:

Little did he know, he was volunteering to be the first to get medicine! They are all rather sneezy, and since upper respiratory infections can be very serious for cats, some antibiotics are in order.

To properly drug a kitten, pick him up in your off hand,

and gently insert the tip of an oral syringe into the corner of his mouth.

The ear is not an appropriate delivery location for oral antibiotics.

NOOOO! Do not want!

We also weigh them every other day or so. It is important to be sure they are growing, because if they are not then they may not be getting enough to eat, or becoming sick, or otherwise in need of intervention.

All care is given under the watchful maternal eye, of course.

These guys are growing about a quarter ounce a day. This is good.

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