Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rapid growth

This is what the kittens look like this afternoon (3/31).

This is what they looked like about one week ago (3/23).

A bit less than a week before that (3/17)

And a bit less than a week before that (3/11).

They were born on about 2/23, so they were not much more than two weeks old in that last picture. Now, just three weeks or so later even the runt is up and exploring.

She has some dribbles of our Special Kitten Growth Mixture (that would be a/d high-fat food mixed with Kitten Milk Replacement) still clinging to her face, mainly because Geneva is off to the right cleaning Cinnamon's face.

When they are out of the run at this age I keep them all up on the bed (which is covered with an easy to wash blanket and copious towels), but Major is thinking about getting down soon.

Cinnamon is wondering if there is any more of that slurry left. She had saved some (all over her face), but since Mom took that she is all out now.

They are becoming very impatient with their confinement. As soon as I come into the room they start yelling at me and trying to climb the wall of the run.

Soon, little ones, soon. But not quite yet. We will probably take down the run this weekend when we can sit and watch how they behave out in the wide expanses of the foster room, just to be sure they will be able to handle it all. And for the pictures.

In the meantime, I think Geneva is very happy to be able to get away from them periodically. Their teeth are coming in, and I cannot imagine that makes nursing tiny carnivores a lot of fun.

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