Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is progress?

Today we will consider two kinds of progress.

You may have noticed by now that there have been no names forthcoming. Well, as the man says, it is not simple. As you can see from the chart below, the first progress is that we have found the names of two of the kittens.

This is Major:

and the little black one is Thistle:

On the other hand, Thistle decided not to follow the First Rule for Kittens (weight increases daily for at least 16 oz). Her loss of 1/8 oz was Not Progress.
Fortunately, it was nothing that some extra food (in the form of 1 ml of KMR several times a day) and a little nursing encouragement could not turn around.

We are still short of names for the male and female orange kittens (the male is the one with the darker head. I think...):

although I am thinking Apollo and Artemis. We also need one for the tortie

whose belly featured so prominently in the picture of Thistle above. And for the mother, too. So much to do...


Dawn said...

ohhh I miss my Keiko. she was a tortie, and she was just as adorable, precious, tender, sleepy eyed, bundle of love, just like all these wonderful kittens in the photos. When I adopted my Keiko she was a mere few weeks old. She was found at the back door of a strip mall and brought to a local vet. I just happen to be there handing out cards that same day...what fate.
I miss her, her ashes are on my nightstand-forever. My next bundle of love is from the MSPCA shelter here in centerville. Tiger is his name. I didn't even get to sit down and start playing with the roaming kitties as he just went right ahead and jumped into my arms and started to knead on my boobs (I know funny, but it was kinda of cute) he just settled right in and I took him home. He was found in the back of a chinese restaurant going thru a trash dumpster in the middle of feb. He's my big boy now and on a diet, and adjusting so well to life with me and the hubby.
I just want to say thank you for all the work you do in the shelters.
(sorry this was so long lol)

The Caretakers said...

Feel free to leave comments of any length, Dawn. I am even less popular than my brother, so there will be no drain on the servers :)

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Jamaicia Plain, you should swing by our new shelter, it is beautiful! If you are here in the morning, I may even be able to arrange a tour (I work some crazy hours).

As for the funny kneading habits of cats, well, the wise person takes affection as it is offered, eh?

Karen said...

Aww, what adorable babies! I love the smell of new kittens... they smell so, well, new! Great job you're doing of caring for babies and mama... you get my vote for Mr. Nice Guy :)

Spryte said...

OMG they are sooooo cute!!!!!!!