Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The naming is complete.

We have at last found the names of all of our current set of foster kitties. Forgive the mediocre photography, but I am a mediocre photographer, so it is what you get. Allow me into introduce (from left to right) Cinnamon, Thistle, Apollo, Artemis and Major.

And Geneva.

I opened up the crate a little while ago, and butted the front of both halves together to create a sort of run.

There is some space for the kittens to try moving around and Geneva can get out and have a break if she needs it (and use the box which no longer needs to be closed in with her), but the kittens cannot get far. Not a bad setup at all. I will definitely have to remember this one.

Geneva is a good mom. She tries very hard to take good care of her kittens, but there have been some issues. I let her get at some KMR I was feeding one of the smaller kittens, and although she liked it very much it did not agree with her. The resulting flatulence earned her her name -- for a little while she was manufacturing weapons grade gasses, and we had to invoke the Geneva Conventions on her. Luckily for everybody, we are here to pick up the slack, and although the kittens' weights took a bit of a hit we got everybody back on track.

The little ones have just come to what we refer to as the "triangle kitten" stage. Their ears have unfolded and just started to move up their heads and their tails have begun to lose the skinny ratlike shape they had just a few days ago. At the same time they are getting sturdier, and soon they will start weaning onto solid food. We are rapidly approaching maximum cuteness for minimum effort. Once they are eating on their own and using the box it is all downhill from there.

Major is coming to get you, and showing off his triangle kitten status as he does so.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

(although, if you wanted to wait to be very afraid until they actually grew teeth,
I am sure he would understand)

They still pile pretty good, but nothing like the kitten piles they made when they were still tiny. They have a little more shape now I guess :)

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