Sunday, March 8, 2009


Have I mentioned before how adorable tiny, blind helpless kittens are? No? Ok, um, very. Very would be how adorable tiny blind helpless kittens are. See for yourself:

Tiny, blind kitten. How cute is that?
Wait, what if we threw in a tiny umbilical cord fragment!?

Now, if you think you might pay $19.95 for this quantity of adorable, look what happens when you get a complimentary set -- they stack!

and at *no extra cost to you* there is maternal attentiveness,


and eventual nursing

while cuddling

and maybe some tiny, high contrast nursing action

HOLY CRAP, they have cute toes...

2 comments: said...

My favorite!! My first cat was similar to this and so beautiful!! Great work you do!!

The Caretakers said...

Thanks, ChefBliss. It is sometimes nerve-wracking (for instance, we have been force-feeding the kittens for a few days now after the mom got a bit sick and stopped nursing them), but it is always rewarding.

Oh, and you get a constant supply of kittens :)