Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tiny kittens, a slightly less quick look

I just love making new friends. Our latest friend was given a bad name by the shelter, which is not surprising. If you had to name as many animals a month as they do, you would come up with some seriously bad names I assure you. We will give her a proper name once we know her well enough. Here she is, guarding the entrance to her temporary lodging, the Mother Who Is Yet To Be Named:

And here are her babies all nestled into a cozy spot. They are in a medium dog crate for now, so MWIYTBN does not decide to shift her nest to an inconvenient place, like under a dresser or some such place.

Lets have a closer look, shall we?

Considering the number of similarities they actually have with worms, they are awfully adorable. They are clearly eating well, and MWIYTBN keeps a sharp eye on them when we let her wander around the room, but is not driven crazy when we pick them up a bit and they start complaining. They should open their eyes in another few days, and then they will quickly become uncontainable. Good times ahead.

I leave you now with a closer look at the tiny, closed up face and minuscule pointy toes of the little one from the bottom left of the above picture:

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